Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours

March 12, 2008
Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours
English | ISBN: 978-0672316081 | PDF | 457 Pages |12,3 MB

A step by step guide to using and developing KDE applications on Linux/UNIX systems, Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours teaches the fundamentals of KDE on various systems. Learn how to navigate the file manager and windows manager, get the most out of numerous tools and utilities, use KDE’s wide base of applications, and more. This book also teaches the basics of the configuration and help systems, and shows how to use and get maximum results from the desktop environment.

The subject of KDE is too large for an in-depth review so It will just cover the 24 hours.
Hour 1 Understanding the KDE Project
Hour 2 Installing KDE from Scratch
Hour 3 Starting and Exiting KDE
Hour 4 Reviewing the KDE Setup
Hour 5 Exploring the Desktop
Hour 6 Managing the KDE Environment
Hour 7 Configuring KDE Options
Hour 8 Using KDE Themes
Hour 9 Managing Files in KDE
Hour 10 Learning More KGE File Management
Hour 11 System Administration for KDE
Hour 12 Using KDE Utilities
Hour 13 Managing Network Connections in KDE
Hour 14 Managing Printing in KDE
Hour 15 Accessing the internet from KDE
Hour 16 Using Command Line in KDE
Hour 17 Using Graphics Utilities in KDE
Hour 18 Using KDE Text Utilities
Hour 19 Using KDE Business Tools
Hour 20 Using KDE for Entertainment
Hour 21 Finding and Installing Additional KDE Applications
Hour 22 Integrating Non-KDE Applications into KDE
Hour 23 Getting Started with KDE Development
Hour 24 Developing for KDE


Password: http://www.dl4all.com


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