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Illustration : SILKYPIX Developer Studio v3.0.16.1

March 22, 2008
SILKYPIX Developer Studio v3.0.16.1

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 is awarded as the best RAW converter for digital images!”

Nowadays consumer digital cameras are very popular because of their ease of use. Unfortunately, consumer digital compact cameras have limited functionality that reduce the quality of the image and therefore produce inferior results.
These shortcomings could be: unnatural jagged edges, unnatural colours, over saturation, over sharpening, pixilation and excessive colour noise from high ISO photos.

In order to achieve better quality images, RAW photography has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Many enthusiastic (semi) professional photographers are demanding the best quality from their cherished images. As a consequence, photographing in RAW format bypasses standard factory camera settings and enables you to creatively explore the full potential of your camera.

Digital SLR cameras and high-end compact cameras offer the possibility to use RAW image formats, which is the native data received directly from the sensor. The SLR camera is a Single Lens Reflex camera. For further explanation, open document link located to the left at the beginning of the article entitled, “SLR camera.”
Regular Consumer digital compact cameras tend not give the user access to the RAW data, as this is normally processed within the digital camera to produce an image in the more readily accessible format of JPG.

By using RAW images you are not just a “happy snapper” that is satisfied with stock JPG finished pictures, but rather an enthusiast that wishes to process and adjust images on a computer with greater processing power than a regular digital camera. This offers you the benefits of greater image flexibility and creativity, leading towards better results.
JPEG, which is commonly used, compresses data using the sensitivity characteristics of the human eye. Therefore, it compresses image data into a small file size while still maintaining a pleasing image. However, image quality is significantly degraded due to the nature of the compression process.

SILKYPIX is a RAW converter software that lets you solve all these problems and opens a whole new world of digital photography for the enthusiast to explore.
SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 is an all-round RAW converter with feature rich functionalities that produces the best results for your cherished images. With top notch adjustment parameters in an intuitive user interface you can enhance your own pictures with silky smooth results!

SILKYPIX is specifically developed for enthusiastic photographers and professional users. The software offers a professional colour management engine, including ICC profiles along side comprehensive development functions such as white balancing, contrast, sharpness, saturation, lens correction, image perspective and trimming (cropping), outputting and printing. The extended Adobe RGB colourspace is also supported.

10 Advantages of RAW images with SILKYPIX?
Control white balance
Increase dynamic range while working with higher bit depth
Better exposure control
Tackle noise problems at source
Improve sharpening at source
Optimise output file size
Unlimited image modifications at source
Greater image flexibility
Higher quality outputs
Fast workflow

The program supports over 120 cameras and works under both Windows (including Vista) & Macintosh (including Universal Binary) platforms.

SILKYPIX can read the RAW format from almost all digital SLR cameras on the market, and also works with JPG’s & TIFF’s from any other source.

New Features in Version 3.0
* Differences in Image Quality: Improved development engine
* Differences in Tone: The nonlinear processing components of output gamma and tone curve levels have changed.
* Differences in Highlight rendering: The new development engine uses high graduation sequencing to aid silky smooth highlight recovery.
* Differences in Parameters: Sub controls, sharpness controls, noise controls, highlight controls and colourspace have changed.

Feel free to download a trial version of SILKYPIX, so you can experience yourself the silky smooth results that SILKYPIX RAW converter offers for your lifetime images.

Competitive advantages of SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0

* SILKYPIX provides non-destructive editing of images, so your originals remain untouched and intact for years to come.

* Development parameters can be organised and stored as individual preferences (Tastes) for instant recall and subsequent application to other images.

* Exposure control: Take control of your image’s exposure and correct under or over exposed photos after the event, using the exposure adjustment control. This can help save photos that may previously have been deemed unrecoverable.

* White balance: Since white colours are recorded differently under different light sources, you can take control of your photo’s white balance and say goodbye to irritating colour casts.

* Contrast: Flat or overly harsh images can be uninspiring to the eye. Take control of your image’s contrast after the event by using the contrast adjustment control and its presets to breathe life back into your photos.

* Saturation: Under harsh light, dominant colours can sometimes overshadow passive colours making an image look garish, likewise flat light can make colours look muted. Take control of your image’s saturation levels and subdue colours or make them more vibrant. The choice is yours!

* Lens correction: Unlike some other RAW converters, SILKYPIX provides aberration, shading and distortion correction functions as standard. So there’s no need to buy expensive plug-ins or use a separate application to remove and repair these unwanted visible errors.

* Image rotation and perspective correction: SILKYPIX provides comprehensive image rotation, vertical and horizontal perspective correction functions as standard, no 3rd party add-ins required. Take control and banish those leaning buildings and crooked horizons forever!

* Trimming: SILKYPIX lets you to non-destructively crop and cut your original images anyway you see fit.

* Sharpening: Add precise detail sharpening to your images like you’ve never seen before using state of the art “Pure Detail” algorithms.

* Outputs: Create a JPG for a document or web page, or a TIFF for subsequent creative processing in your favourite image editing software. SILKYPIX gives you full control over images size, compression and bit depth, to tailor your output according to your subsequent media needs.

* Printing: SILKYPIX yields professional high quality printed output with additional facilities for image preview, output sharpening and contact sheets. So there’s no need to use 3rd party printing applications to get professional results.

System Requirements
Windows® XP/Vista/2000/ME Pentium Processor:
Apple® Mac® OS X v10.2 (Mac OS X v10.3 or later)
Support Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)
Supports Core Duo & Universal Binary
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 100MB
XGA (1024×768)





Smart Translator 1.0 Final (Speaking Translator)

March 21, 2008

SMART (Simple Accurate Translator) is language translator software bases on computer converses. Compared to software other translator that has circulated in the market, SMART haves excesses as follows:

· SMART can say sentence Bahasa UK and Indonesian [language] because SMART is provided with technology of Indonesian [language] text to speech and can exploit text to speech that provided in Microsoft Windows operating system.
· SMART are designed with user interface in common (standar) with application programs in environment of Microsoft Windows operating system, until one who first time mengoperasikanpun will easily use software SMART.

· SMART are provided with technology “smart translation and smart dictionary”, so it’s can conduct better translation was from software of a kind other when translate word/sentence that hung from context that the of.
· SMART conducts quicker translation
· SMART can translate Microsoft Word document directly, until a large part of document formats that already you make in Microsoft Word can be defended.

SMART-Translator are designed with intuitive and easy to operate display by user that has been become accustomed use applications in environment of Microsoft Windows operating system. A large part of menu structure and operation ways SMART-Translator equal to application programs Windows in general.



Utilities & Drivers » File Management : Power Data Recovery v4.1.2

March 19, 2008
Power Data Recovery v4.1.2

Power Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software developed by MT Solution Ltd. Since the first release of version 1.0 in 2003 we have had many happy customers around the world. It is one of the fastest and most effective programs of the data recovery software. Power Data Recovery is becoming the first choice when you need data recovery software to help you recover your lost data.

Power Data Recovery is a read-only File Recovery Software and Data Recovery Software. Power data recovery software could help you recover all your data no matter the data is lost by accidental deletion, format, re-partition, system crash or virus attack. Power data recovery is able to scan your device sector by sector to recover what ever left on your device.

Power Data Recovery provide deep scan module which can scan and analyze raw data format including Microsoft Office files, digital graphics/pictures, audio/video files. Please visit deep scan page for complete raw file format list.

Feature overview
* Recover data after accidental deletion
* Recover data after an accidental format
* Recover data from an inaccessible volume (logical drive)
* Recover data after FAT corruption
* Recover data after repartition (fdisk)
* Recover data from a crashed physical device
* Recover data after an MBR corruption
* Recover data from a hard disk drive, camera card, USB drive, Zip, floppy disk
* Recover data for any error except physical damage

Key Features
* Supports FAT 12/16/32
* Supports NTFS
* Supports NTFS compressed and encrypted files
* Supports Dynamic Volume including Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Stripe Volume, Mirror Volume and Raid Volume.
* Supports RAW data recovery
* Built-in preview function
* Built-in resume recovery function
* Built-in Recovery Wizard

Power Data Recovery is a shareware. You can download it for free and try all the features before you purchase a license from us. However, to save recovered data over 640k requires a license. Please visit order & pay for details.

System requirements
Windows operating system. 486 or Pentium-class processor IDE/SATA/SCSI hard drive 64MB RAM (128 MB recommended), 100 MB of free space. A second hard disk is recommended for recovery.





Fonts : Master Fonts Collection 2008

March 18, 2008
Master Fonts Collection 2008
The big collection of fonts | 176 MB







TDominoCard Component

March 16, 2008

Buat yg suka maen game kartu di komputer, pasti udah kenal dgn game2 seperti Solitaire, FreeCell, BlackJack, Heart, Spider, dlsb. Sayangnya, semua game tsb adalah game kartu remi. Jarang2 ada game kartu domino di komputer. Padahal, di Indonesia rasanya kartu domino lebih banyak dimaenkan daripada kartu remi. Terutama temen2 mahasiswa yg suka begadang (kadang tanpa alasan yg jelas P ), pasti sering maen.

Maka dari itu, saya iseng2 bikin komponen kartu domino dng nama TDominoCard. Komponen ini saya bikin udah lama sebenarnya dan saya posting ke blog ini buat nyumbang isi blog Delphindo. D Komponen ini dibuat pake Delphi 7 dan seharusnya bisa dipake juga di Kylix 3. File komponen (berikut source-nya) bisa Anda donlod sendiri di repository source Delphindo.

Nah… harapan saya, dgn adanya komponen ini, temen2 Delphindo bisa mulai bikin game kartu domino. Ada yg mau mulai?


CD & DVD Burners : Nero 8 Ultra Edition + New KeyGen

March 16, 2008
Nero 8 Ultra Edition + New KeyGen

Nero 8 is a software solution that brings the digital world to your PC with features that make it fun and easy to create multimedia projects with high-quality, professional results.Create MP3 mixes and edit vacation videos in High Definition format. Share content around the world with simple Internet upload functions.Burn a disc with just one click, and then enjoy it in any room in your house with versatile streaming features. Rest easy knowing your data is safe in the event of a system crash or a damaged disc. Nero 8 lets you live the digital life with cutting-edge technology and world-class features.

Nero 8, the newest version of the world’s best-selling multimedia suite, brings the digital world to your PC. Now it’s easy to organize and manage all your multimedia files, as well as create and edit new digital content. Nero’s sleek design and user-friendly tools make completing projects fun and enjoyable.

Nero StartSmart 8 is the entry point for all functionality in Nero 8. With Nero StartSmart 8, all the powerful features of Nero8 are at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to complete your digital tasks.

Nero 8 comes loaded with a number of features that enhance Windows VistaTM. With the Nero DiscCopy Gadget, you can copy a disc of any format with just one click. With Rich Preview, you can view the contents of your files without having to open a separate application. With Nero MCE Plug-ins, you can burn and stream your content on a Windows Vista™ MCE powered machine.

The following applications are included in Nero 8:
• Nero Mobile – Media Center for Mobile Devices (Included in the Retail version of Nero 8 only)
• Nero Home 3 – Media Management System
• Nero Scout – Database Technology
• Nero StartSmart 8 – One-Click Project Launcher
• Nero Burning ROM 8 – Expert CD and DVD Burning
• Nero Express 8 – Easy Interface CD and DVD Burning
• Nero WaveEditor 4 – Audio Editing and Recording
• Nero SoundTrax 3 – Professional Audio Mixing
• Nero Vision 5 – Video Editing and Authoring
• Nero Recode 2 – The World’s Fastest Video Converter
• Nero ShowTime 4 – DVD and Multimedia Player
• Nero MediaHome 3 – UPnPTM Streaming Solution
• Nero ControlCenter – Simplified Customization and Configuration
• Nero PhotoSnap – Photo Editing
• Nero PhotoSnap Viewer – Photo Viewing
• Nero CoverDesigner 3 – CD and DVD Label Design
• Nero BackItUp 3 – Complete Backup Solution
• Nero ImageDrive 3 – Virtual Drive Setup
• Nero DiscSpeed 4 – Improve Optical Drive Performance
• Nero DriveSpeed 3 – Complete Optical Drive Control
• Nero RescueAgent – Improved File Recovery
• Nero BurnRights – Easily Deployable Burning Rights
• Nero InfoTool 5 – Drive and Disc Analysis
• InCD 5 – Packet Writing Solution
• SecurDisc Viewer – View SecurDisc protected files